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How Would You Prefer To Be Contacted?
When Would You Like To Be Contacted?
1) What is the name of the company that you invested in:
2) Were you sent investment “offering material” via FedEx or any other way?
3) Were you told that you would recover your money in a relatively short time with years of additional income?
4) Did you sign a contract and send money?
5) Did you invest in a “Joint Venture”?
6) If Yes, were you provided with a contact list of all of the other investors involved in your Joint Venture?
7) Were you an accredited investor at the time of the investment?
8) Have you received, as of this date, the returns you were led to believe these investments would produce?
9) Were you a resident of the state that the company was located in at the time of the investments?
a. If No, Were you 55 or older at the time of the investment?
b. If Yes, Were you at the time of the investment, 60 or older or 65 or older?
10) Were you “cold called”, that is you were initial contacted by someone you did not previously know?
Please rate your overall opinion of this investment compared to what you were told to get you to invest?
List below any other company/s that share the same answers as above that you have invested with: