Near the end of 2008, Bernie Madoff became a household name from all the major news sources for the massive amount of money he had taken through fraudulent deception. The rise in an eldery population in the United States serves as an “all you can eat” buffet to those like Madoff. The older generations were raised to be more polite and trusting, leaving them far more vulnerable to the evil acts being purpetrated against them through different flavors of investment fraud. According to the U.S. Census, less than 1 in 8 Americans are over the age of 65. Considering the U.S. Government considers a person elderly at 55 in laws pertaining to protecting elderly against financial crimes, it means more than 12.5% of Americans are targets for the would be schemer.

Since opening our doors, we’ve heard many stories from clients about being talked out of their nest eggs, retirement funds, life savings, children’s college funds, etc. We have clients who have been forced into selling their homes to live in cramped apartments and worse because they mortgaged their property in order to invest more into a proposed “sure thing.” This is not uncommon! The owners of these fraudulent companies could care less if you end up on the street. They thrive on knowing many feel too ashamed to tell their story to others. Don’t allow yourself to fall victim to this corruption. We are here to help. We are here to stay!

Our Mission

    To bring about justice, integrity, trust and fairness by leveling both public and private arenas, restoring the honorable principles and values on which America was founded by aggressively confronting corruption, fraud, and those who hold themselves above the law; to make wrongs right by giving voice and action to the victims

Who We Are

Colt Ledger & Associates Inc. is a licensed Private Investigation firm. We investigate Oil & Gas, Precious Metal, Movies, Pre IPO’s, and any other private placement investment company for scam, fraud, and criminal activity. If you feel as though you are a victim in one or more of these situations, we may be able to help you. Feel free to take our Scam Exam if you feel you could possibly have fallen prey to one of the scenarios above.

What We Do

    We specialize in recovering private placement investment funds that were fraudulently obtained from you by unscrupulous individuals and/or companies. We are a very aggressive advocate for you. We are NOT attorneys, however, we have some of the best attorneys available to us. We are NOT CPA’s, however, we have access to them as well. We are not law enforcement agencies, but we have access to individuals whom have retired from the force. Most importantly, Colt Ledger is NOT a nice man! He is void of empathy and/or sympathy for the people who took your money. It doesn’t take a nice man to deal with individuals guilty of fraud, it takes Colt Ledger!

Founder’s Statement

    I want to first welcome you to our website. It is a “project under construction” and should remain so for the duration of its existence. Even though the players may change, the game remains the same. I founded Colt Ledger & Associates Inc. out of necessity and out of disappointment. I was in a strange land at a strange time when I found myself in need of an independent support system and a new direction and I found both in Colt Ledger & Associates Inc.. I will always be indebted to Mr. Marty Lile of Glasgow, Kentucky, a previous partner, for suggesting and directing me to this field. Had it not been for Marty, I would have never founded Colt Ledger & Associates Inc.. I quickly found that Colt Ledger & Associates Inc. would provide me with the necessary base of operations I would require to level the playing field.

   As I said earlier, I was angry at myself, not others, because I had unknowingly allowed myself and my talents to be manipulated by less than ethical, honest and/or honorable men who attempted to make me an accomplice in their thefts, lies, and scams. These men, like most involved in this area, were nice guys; they were family men, pillars of their respective communities, lived in fine homes, drove the nicest of vehicles and were always available for a donation or a charitable act. Their families wore the finest jewelry, the latest fashions, and stayed and dined in the most elegant establishments. They placed their profits in off shore accounts and had all the amenities that a wealthy lifestyle could afford.

   However, every dollar, every jewel, every home, boat, airplane and car, every designer fashion, donation, charitable act and vacation was made possible because they had stolen every penny from, primarily, the elderly. However, these men were not simply guilty of stealing money either. They were stealing dreams, retirements, homes, families and, in some cases, lives. And when they knowingly took down another “sucker” they would “high five” and congratulate each other as if they had done something good and noble. I am now very much aware of all the deceptions, promises, lies, misrepresentations and omissions utilized to separate people from their money.

    Once I learned the truth I had to do something with it. Many of my peers chose to stay and became like everyone else. I could no longer stay; I chose to leave and make a difference. It has been a learning process made much easier because of the opposition.

    No matter if it’s an “oil tycoon” in Texas, a “movie mogul” in California or a “precious metal czar”, in Florida, they all exhibit the same characteristics: an arrogant personality, “it’s their money if they can trick you out of it” attitude, they are continuously trying to avoid arrest, securities sanctions and/or the IRS; and, they will do and say anything to get your money.

    At Colt Ledger & Associates Inc. we have developed some unique approaches that cut through their posturing and go directly to the heart of the matter. We are not going to follow the rules set by their attorneys (who many times are as guilty, along with the CPA, geologist, and others, of legitimizing these bogus deals) as to how we will pursue these cases. Since we are not attorneys we are not hampered by the preening, primping and posturing of their elitist fraternity. Federal agencies are a key ingredient in our methodology and procedures; they have served as mentors to our pursuit of restitution, restoration, reparation and/or refund. They have aided in interpreting and clarifying regulations and statutes and pointing out interstate securities violations and criminal activities. They have not given legal advice or served in any legal capacity. We are deeply indebted for their assistance. State securities and prosecutorial agencies vary in their tenacity, funds and fortitude for bringing errant companies and their owners to task for their violations and/or crimes. Therefore, we can find ourselves in less than stable situations with inconsistent interpretations. We have a plan to rectify these situations when they occur.

    I believe you will find Colt Ledger & Associates Inc. a unique and trustworthy organization. We are under manned but never out manned. We are constantly facing intimidation but never intimidated. We have taken on some attorneys of importance and we are still running at full speed. Once we have gathered our irrefutable facts and they are presented to the opposition, we never back up, off or down. If we cannot retrieve your money from a bogus company then the only recourse left for us to pursue is to attempt to shut the operations down and/or to present a case to the authorities worthy of prosecution no matter the time and effort required.

    Colt Ledger & Associates Inc. has put together an impressive group of individuals who are dedicated to gathering the information required to build a solid case. We have all the resources these individuals need to track down the runners, find family, friends, neighbors, assets, etc. We have a fully functional private investigation firm but our entire focus is on securities and commodities fraud. We specialize in private placement and “joint venture” oil and gas frauds and precious metals and Forex frauds. And when these bogus companies reopen under new names we will be waiting.

    Looking forward, I see an organization in full pursuit of these scams and their perpetrators. An organization staffed with attorneys, retired law enforcement officers and a tenacious group of individuals in rabid pursuit of the opposition. We will be available in all 50 states, territories and several foreign countries. We will be a juggernaut for aiding the victims of these purveyors of deception, fraud and theft.

    Colt Ledger & Associates Inc.’ Mission Statement is indeed the creed that Colt Ledger & Associates Inc. lives by and we believe it is our legal right as citizens to use any and all measures available and necessary: To bring about justice, integrity, trust and fairness by leveling both public and private arenas, restoring the honorable principles and values on which America was founded by aggressively confronting corruption, fraud, and those who hold themselves above the law; to make wrongs, right by giving voice and action to the victims.

    You have a strong and fearless advocate in Colt Ledger & Associates Inc.!